Strength will rise

Ok sister girl! Let's get down to business!! I'm talking to you as warrior to warrior.

YES, warrior because that is exactly how you need to see yourself.

So as a Warrior of God you need to receive this teaching as though you have had enough!!!

Do this for me!

Put those hands on your hips, raise your head and puff out that chest..... YEAH!! That’s it! Rise up girl!

I'm talking to my Mighty Proverbs 31 women!!

Those 2 Samuel 20: 21 wise women at the wall!

We are NOT meek!! We ARE Mighty Warriors of The Most High God!

We are not called to play games with the enemy.

We are to bruise his head with our heel.

Let that image sink into your thoughts for a second.

Yassssss sister. You see it now!!!! This how God wants His daughters to be when they go out into the world.

Ready and able to violently END every scheme of the enemy with a sword of fire fueled by the Power of the God of Angel Armies.

I'm speaking to her!

You, yeah you! The one who's heart rose up within her by reading those words, because it spoke to the lioness within! It's time for us to rise up and stop giving our problems a voice louder than the Promises of God! The voice of defeat that keeps us on the battlefield of life, wounded and lost. It's time to change the tide of this war!

I get it, sometimes life sucks.. This is the casualty of fighting against an enemy who hates us. But the thing is, there is an ever growing problem in the body of Christ among women that seems to condone apathy and spiritual laziness. And it needs to stop!. A problem of dwelling too much on what has happened/happening and not enough on the victory that has already been won. An abundance of ignorance when it comes to speaking victorious life back into our situation. This staggering lack of focus is keeping us from learning from our trails. Therefore we are unable to see the victory in each situation. Which keeps us from receiving the truth of God's word. This blind fighting will never allow us to truly see the all-encompassing power given to us by the cross! And because of this identity crisis, we are losing our strategic advantage to the mislead lies of murmuring and complaining disguised as a prayer request. And it needs to stop!!! I know I sound harsh, but I have sat back and watched sister after sister lose her battle and honestly I am DONE!!! God has placed a commission in my heart to bring truth to this, and I must obey!

Have you watched the new Wonder Woman movie?

See, where most women want to be Diana aka Wonder Woman. I want to be the general! The one charged with training the Diana's of the world! Equipping them to charge into battle, no questions asked and fight the enemy that is attacking her sisters!! And willing to lay down her life to see it through.

FYI that character was played by Robin Wright aka Princess Buttercup from Princess Bride.

In all our lives, we start out as Buttercup. Newly in love with who we are called to be, but very naive in the world. Through many trials and test of life, most of us either draw back. and very few of us advance. Some of us remain Buttercups. Some get hard hearted and never see their full potential. This is where the General steps in. I learned a long time ago that I didn't want to remain as the meek princess in my spiritual walk! I wanted to be a warrior! I knew I was a Warrior deep inside. I'm in the Lords army, YES SIR! And through that fire and determination, I've learned that I want women to see themselves the same way. I want to train them to advance in battle. Through not only knowing who they are, but what they can do with the God given gift placed inside them. I want to equip women like me, to see the warrior inside!!

I know that in any battle there will be wounds, even when we know what we’re doing. We all have or will receive battle scars. Those “I never thought this would happen to me” that “I never would have dreamt of“ heartache and pain. No one put "pain and anguish" as a life goal. And because we are not equipped and well trained, we go through life crippled by these moments. Fear and all the “what if” sets in the crevasses of our mind. And we no longer know how to function with out that crippling thought process. Which then sends most of us into depression and/or horrible, damaging life choices. And just like that, the enemy has taken out a powerful warrior off the battle field. Thus, leaving the field of battle open to a full frontal attack on the next generation.

Whew!! I know. It’s intense. As it should be. Anxiety, fear, depression are intense and should be taken seriously. But the fact of the matter is the Word of God is our secret “not so secret“ weapon. Filling our hearts, with His truth brings us to a level of authority that the enemy doesn't like. Not only that but the weapon of all weapons that we should use all the time is...wait for it... our TESTIMONY. That’s right! The very thing the enemy used to try and destroy you. When you get up off the field, and use what has happened to you to help others see the victory, you have won! You just turned around a tactic of the enemy and used it against him! Sharing your story will send a battle cry alerting other believers they too can get the victory. This is it. This is what we're here for! Get into the Word of God and overcome the enemy by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of our testimony.

Hallelujah!! Are you ready for work! It's time to take your fellowship with the Father to a new level. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, He will show you how strong you truly are.

There are people out on the spiritual battlefield right now (you might be one of them) and their feelings, thoughts and even family are telling them to pack it up and go home. Words of defeat, words of not being strong enough, smart enough, or called enough. This is a lie from the enemy. As soon as that thought contrary to The Word of God pops up, REBUKE IT! How? By telling it "I bind you satan in the MIGHTY NAME OF Jesus! I don't believe your lies! I believe the truth of God's Word! I am strong enough! I am smart enough! I am called! I am loved! I am a child of The Most High! And He's not finished with me yet!".


Don’t allow those lies to rattle around in your thoughts and eventually come out of our mouths. The word says in

Matthew 12:34 for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

Whatever is in your heart will come out of your mouth. We’ve allowed thoughts that are contrary to God's word to ping pong around in our minds. Playing out crazy scenarios after crazy scenarios. Until it not only has a permanent place in our minds but it has its own room. Then whenever things go slightly bad we go to that room, stay in that room. We’ll invite our whole life into that room. We start to meditate on those scenarios until eventually it has become a truth to us. Then our mouths are open and we are speaking it out over our marriage, finances, friendships, and even our children. You are now in the enemy's camp! Get out! And fight!